#ArtistsAreArk: Arturo Fernandez Rodriguez

In anticipation of Project Ark’s upcoming GENESIS DROP CAMPAIGN we spotlight the creative talents behind our exclusive NFTs.

I like to explain that I live in a generally colorful way, with a certain tendency towards nature, since my family always took me to the mountains when I was little. Although sometimes my style can be darker or critical, not everything is flowers and happiness. Protecting nature and endangered species is crucial to the survival of the planet. It’s time to fix all the centuries of man-made disasters and work on projects that improve the ecosystems that we’ve impoverished and devastated.

The HO APE — SERIE X — 031 — CAMOUFLAGE. Available on Signart.App

I think that blockchain technology is still at a very early stage, and when I discovered your project and we started to develop the ideas of the eggs, I think you were the first project that was interested in natural conservation and protected species, or at least it is the only one I know. This shows us that we are facing something new and that it has great potential, I am very happy to be able to help and spread the word. It is very interesting to see how your reward system benefits both the artist, buyer and community-led project, enabling everyone to finance projects that help protect the earth.

APE ULTRAVIOLET. See more here: https://hartostudio.com/APE
The bison in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania © Staffan Widstrand / WWF.

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Harto’s exceptional artwork embodies the creation of our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Eggs that will be auctioned through the Genesis Drop Campaign on our Project Ark website! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get these unique NFTs that helps save the planet!

Step in to Harto’s virtual gallery here.

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