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In anticipation of Project Ark’s upcoming GENESIS DROP CAMPAIGN we spotlight the creative talents behind our exclusive NFTs.

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4 min readMay 12, 2021


Lindsay finds her artistic inspiration in all aspects of life. Through exploration and development in her yoga practice; through seeking to link the worldly and the transcendent, and through her love of travel and culture. Combined, these experiences have enabled her to continuously refine her skills and passion in the world of art, culminating in a truly fantastic NFT made exclusively for our upcoming Genesis Drop Campaign.

Someone wise once said that we’re not human beings having a spiritual experience but rather spiritual beings having a human experience. And that one of the most spiritual things we can do is embrace our planet and connect with everything and everyone around us. It’s in this vein that we genuinely feel Lindsay Kokoska’s magnificent works of art, brought to life through her artist persona: Infinite Mantra.

My art lies between the figurative and surreal worlds and always holds a dreamlike quality to it, with heavy influences of esoteric, spiritual and mystical connections. When I create art, I am channeling an energy; like a clairvoyant receiving a message, I connect to an energy and it guides me. I love utilizing sacred geometry, astronomy, nature, patterns and shapes to create thought provoking compositions.

Epiphany. Created with inspiration from Paulo Coelho and his book The Alchemist. Available now on OpenSea.

Lindsay’s art manifests the power of intuition. Her work inspires people to go inward, so that they can access a deeper vision, to be reminded of the connections between material and spiritual experiences, and see magic in their lives. Not only magic in human lives, but across all living beings.

I‘m a nature lover and it’s important that we take steps to care for and conserve life on our planet. As an artist, a mother and an art teacher, I strongly feel that it’s my duty to help educate and bring awareness to conservation.

Infinite Mantra ( Never-ending Prayer) perfectly embodies Lyndsey’s artwork. In her own words: “Creativity is boundless. Imagination is free. Believe in the infinite possibilities”. See all her creations right here.

This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join our Genesis Drop Campaign and get a rare NFT created by Lindsay that helps save the planet!

This super rare, one-of-a-kind NFT created by Lindsay Kokoska (Infinite Mantra) will be hiding inside of the Platinum Eggs available through Project Ark’s Genesis Drop Campaign.

We’re exhilarated to have Lindsay be part of our artist community on board Project Ark! Her unique NFT is truly a work of art that embodies her passion and talent to embrace the world of wildlife and nature. We’re in awe!

Proceeds from the sale of the Eggs in the Genesis Drop Campaign will unlock the funding needed to support a community-led conservation project led by WWF in Romania that brings back the bison to the wilder side of Europe — the Carpathian Mountains. The funding will also be used to develop the digital infrastructure making the link between the global participants and the local do-ers, both in terms of tracing funds, impact and enabling participatory decision making.

Proceeds from the sale of Lindsay’s NFT will support the Bison Project in the Carpathian Mountains in collaboration with WWF Panda Labs in Romania © Staffan Widstrand / WWF.

Lindsay’s exceptional artwork can be found inside one of the Platinum Eggs that will be auctioned through the Genesis Drop Campaign! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a unique NFT that helps save the planet.

The Platinum Egg is available for purchase as part our Genesis Drop Campaign.

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For more more information about Lindsay’s amazing artwork, check out the following links:

Twitter: @InfiniteMantra
Instagram: infinite_mantra
Facebook: @infiniteMantradesigns
Website: https://www.infinitemantra.ca
Clubhouse: infinite_mantra

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