CrossSpace and Carbonbase Announced Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Carbon Neutral Solutions in the Web3 Social World

Project Ark
2 min readJan 17, 2023

CrossSpace, the technology platform that facilitates effective web3 social and collaboration, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Carbonbase, a leading climate technology company with expertise in helping companies and individuals to reach carbon neutrality.

This partnership will bring Carbonbase’s expertise in carbon footprint calculation, reduction and offset with blockchain technology to CrossSpace’s platform, solving multiple pain points for users to easily track and offset their carbon emissions while collaborating with others in the web3 world.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Carbonbase to bring carbon-neutral ideas to our platform,” said Leon, Co-founder of CrossSpace. “Sustainability is a key focus for our platform and this partnership allows us to provide our users with the tools they need to make a positive impact on the environment.”

“We are excited to bring our ‘preserve to earn’ incentive — Carbon Reduction Dollar (CRED) to CrossSpace. The CRED system will reward users with one CRED token for one US Dollar spent on the carbon offset projects verified by renowned carbon registries.” said Max, Founder of Carbonbase. “The new partnership allows us to reach a wider audience in Web3 and accelerate our fight against climate change.”

This partnership will not only benefit CrossSpace’s users but also Carbonbase’s clients, as the integration will not only allow for seamless tracking and offsetting of carbon emissions within the Web3 ecosystem but also enable more corporations and NGOs in the Web2 world to collaborate effectively in a decentralized manner.

Both Leon and Max agree that this strategic partnership will bring significant value to both companies and their users, and the successful collaboration will make a positive impact in the sustainable development of Web3.

About Carbonbase

Carbonbase is a pioneer in leveraging blockchain technology to fight climate change and the creator of CRED or Carbon Reduction Dollar, the world’s first incentive token for voluntary carbon offsets. Together with its sister companies Project Ark and ImpactNFT Alliance, Carbonbase wants to create the easiest way for individuals and corporations can use to take effective actions to be part of the climate solution. Carbonbase is also building the Greenverse, a tokenized model of natural assets that will link the physical preservation of natural capital with digital assets. Carbonbase has pioneered the preserve-to-earn methodology for rewarding and incentivising the preservation of critical ecosystems starting with Suriname, the Greenest Country in The World.



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