Project Ark’s First NFT Drop in Collaboration with WWF Panda Labs

“Woolly Ridge” and “Endangered Spirits”, an Audio and Visual Experience to Support Conservation

Combining the mountains with ancestral animals through art

Project Ark & WWF Panda Labs Collaboration

Project Ark is supporting WWF Romania in their work centred around one of Europe’s largest network of virgin forests, where the highest populations of wolves and brown bears are, and where WWF Romania has been leading an ambitious bison rewilding initiative. In order to boost rewilding efforts and slow down the decline of these precious European ecosystems, the WWF has been working to provide benefits directly to the local communities who have their hands on these natural resources. Providing the necessary resources for locals to do conservation work instead of making a living from overharvesting natural resources, creating a collective rewards system and fostering more sustainable wildlife management.

Local Romanian hunters and foresters, collecting data about our local environments.
Wildlife Credits Romania 2020 pilot © ©WWF Romania
Moldeavanu Peak is the highest Romanian Peak at 2,544 m (8,346 ft)

Endangered Spirits by a Music Legend

Our second NFT is titled “Endangered Spirits” with music from Shawn Barry and visuals from Taylor Frost. Shawn is an international music producer and performer who has composed performances for The Lucent Dossier Experience, Cirque Du Soleil and the Earth Harp, Shawn teamed up with featured artists Ronnie “Steppa” McQueen of Steel Pulse and FARAFI to create a world beat soundscape inspired to create art and raise awareness to the plight of endangered animals and their rapidly disappearing echo systems. Shawn created The Endangered Spirit Project as an immersive multimedia experience featuring the voices, rhythms and sounds of the animal kingdom. The music is inspired by the urgent call of endangered species around the world. Taylor uses stark contrasts, bold colors, and inspiring light to create colorful, eye-catching pieces that draw viewers in and evoke feelings of wonder and awe while enhancing the beauty we see so quickly disappearing.

True forces of Nature



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