Project Ark Supports the Debut of Vivienne Tam Collection at New York Fashion Week: Metaverse Fashion featuring Cryptopunks, Bored Apes, CyberKongz and Awkward Astronauts

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NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2022 — Project Ark, a pioneer impact-focused Web 3 studio and launchpad, is proud to support Vivienne Tam, the iconic American Chinese designer, in pioneering fashion with technology. An instant hit among technologists and fashionistas, the Metaverse fashion collection marks the first of its kind in the history of New York Fashion Week.

“Having worked closely with Vivienne over the last few months to source the NFT IP, I was amazed by her creativity in bringing this incredible portfolio of designs to life,’’ says Max Song, founder of Project Ark. “With this collection, Vivienne Tam has enlivened these iconic NFTs online and IRL (in real life)!”.

For three decades, Vivienne Tam has been a pioneer in the fashion industry. Her collaborations with HP created the first digital clutch that inspired a generation of and brought more women. Her fashion show made history when Tracy Dysonan, an International Space Station Astronaut kicked off the 2017 program from space.

Vivienne Tam has represented Asian and Chinese culture on the world stage with groundbreaking designs, inspiring scores of young designers to follow her creative path. “I wanted to bring the energy of Web3 and these creative brands from the metaverse into the physical universe,” Tam says. “We wanted to be the first to bring blue-chip NFTs to the fashion runway!”

Fashion is under pressure right now for sustainability and its climate footprint, but the desire for people to express who they are has never been stronger. Vivienne Tam noted that Metaverse Fashion allows people to participate in self-expression, design, commerce and creation, but without the climate footprint considerations.

Evan Auyang, President of Animoca Brand also recognises the significance of Vivienne’s debut into Metaverse fashion. “We are delighted to see renowned designer Vivienne Tam jumping into the world of Web3 with her amazing design. We look forward to continuing our support to Vivienne and her team as she positively contributes to the open metaverse,”

When asked what is the future of Metaverse Fashion, Vivienne Tam has a clear mission of creating high-quality and curated collections that really bring NFT communities’ digital avatars to life. “I want people to be excited to physically represent their IP in the physical world and to wear their NFTs,” says Tam.

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Photos from the 2022 Vivienne Tam NYFW



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