Redemption Art Party — April 20, 2022

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The Redemption Art Party at Venice Beach, California’s Budman Studio on Wednesday, April 20 exceeded all expectations. Featuring content by creators from multiple disciplines, the ImpactNFT Alliance seized an opportunity to show the Southern California scene what creating impact can mean.

Through weeks of planning, distributing invitations, selling tickets, booking the musical act, and striking the right balance of art, music, and crypto, the coordinating team rose to the occasion and put on a fantastic event. The main goal of the Art Party was to raise money for Save The Artist Foundation, helmed by Micah Page and her husband and fine artist, Chacasso. Save The Artists Foundation was a natural partner for the ImpactNFT Alliance, as our mission to make social and environmental impact through Web3 and NFTs aligned with their efforts to help underprivileged artists achieve their dreams.

Also present at the event was Good Work DAO, a community based in Venice, California made up of influencers, creators, Web3 artists, and entrepreneurs seeking to be a force for good in the world led by tech entrepreneur and community builder Jesse Engle. His most noteworthy tech startup was CoTweet — the first tool brands used to manage Twitter — which was first acquired by ExactTarget in 2010 and later by Salesforce.

Art Party attendees included filmmaker Komodo Kanjiro, actor Josh Duhon (Hong Kong Love Story), ZombieCupcakes NFT’s Brett and Stacy Wang, and local Venice music legend Mofayas — who created his own NFT to help children access music school — as well as crypto and Web3 enthusiast and event organiser Jon Heckler and painters Chance Cooper and Carlo Valentino — the former exhibiting his finished work and the latter painting live to a musical performance by a local DJ.

Project Ark and ImpactNFT Alliance displayed a video tailor-made for this occasion, packed full of Project Ark’s Genesis Drop NFT artwork and accompanying music, and featuring pieces from Ark’s soon-to-be-released flagship NFT collection, the Arkanauts.

Midway through the event, primary organiser Jon Heckler took the mic and gathered the crowd in the main area, officially welcoming everyone and spotlighting the featured projects and the people involved in and responsible for them.

Among those introduced was party co-organizer and Project Ark representative Rasko Relic, who gave a short speech and presented the evening’s program. About his speech, Relic remarked that addressing the crowded room was a bit of a “terrifying experience”, but also “a very empowering and proud moment to present on behalf of Project Ark, an organization that will make a difference in the world.”

The Arkanauts collection was peppered with praise, standing out as one of the highlights of the night and accompanied by enthusiasm about the ‘impact’ aspect of every initiative undertaken by Project Ark and ImpactNFT Alliance.

All in all, the Redemption Art Party at Budman Studio was a positive, charming, and easy-going affair that offered some excellent exposure to art, music, and NFTs from LA and beyond.

A huge thank you to Jon Heckler for organising this experience and letting Project Ark and the Alliance be a part of it, and also to Jim Budman for opening the doors of his fabulously artsy, historic, and eclectic Budman Studio to set the tone of the event.

We can’t wait for the next gathering.

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