SnarkySharkz Generative Art Project, Funding Marine Conservation Around the World

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4 min readAug 19, 2021

SnarkySharkz Mythical Story

SnarkySharkz are 5,000 unique NFTs fin-selected and sent on a mission by the future empire of Sharktopia to save the oceans before it’s too late. After humans left our flood-filled and pollution-ravaged planet behind in 3149 to settle across the solar system, Earth’s air and water slowly detoxified and ocean life set off on a 2000-year evolutionary journey leading to shark creatures with increased intelligence and human-like characteristics and behaviours, called Sharkz. These Sharkz have a twisted sense of style and a strong appreciation for the arts, as well as an extraordinary knowledge of marine conservation. 5,000 specially chosen SnarkySharkz were selected by the Elder Sharkz for their qualifications and uniqueness to travel to the far side of the ocean and establish the SnarkySharkz Society, a base of operations for their effort to save the oceans once and for all.

SnarkySharkz Protectors of the Ocean

SnarkySharkz knows that the best way to achieve big goals is through collaboration and impact. That’s why 5% of revenue from the sale of these limited NFTs will go towards funding SeaLegacy, a network of 21st-century storytellers creating a healthy, abundant ocean through the production of powerful media and art made to inspire hope. SeaLegacy was founded in 2014 by a network of renowned nature photographers, who intend to inspire hope and turn apathy into action. Since their inception, in Norway, they’ve organized to stop fossil fuel exploration, fought for First Nations communities in Northern Vancouver and led expeditions from Antarctica to Alaska. And alongside, the team founded Only One, an innovative action platform with the goal of engaging one billion people in ocean conservation.

Another 5% of the proceeds will support the clean-up of underwater munitions waste from our oceans. The project will be focussed on cleaning up WW2 munitions dumped off the coast of Hawaii. Munitions that have actually been shown to cause cancer in the sharks living in the region! The effort is shepherded by, an organization created to make ocean conservation enforcement more viable and less expensive, and ULTRAMARINE, a summit of scientists, policy experts, entrepreneurs, artists, and like-minded activists intent on tackling pollution and regenerating our ocean ecosystems. Both of these projects originated from artist, activist, and explorer Jeremy McKane. McKane’s passion for the oceans and belief in the transformative power of water has led him to address the United Nations at the Blockchain for Impact Summit in 2019 and — in the same year — co-launch the Ultramarine Ocean Action Summit with professional kiteboarder Susi Mai on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island. Ultramarine has committed to cleaning up 30 percent of the world’s oceans by 2030.

SnarkySharkz Go Carbon Negative

These NFTs back up their conservational cautionary tale with complete carbon emission offsets and a negative carbon footprint ensured by Project Ark. Project Ark offsets SnarkySharkz’ carbon emissions by supporting GaiaTogether’s mangrove regeneration project. Mangroves are fast-growing forests at home in the tropics and subtropics that prevent soil erosion, provide havens for wildlife and livelihood opportunities, and are among the very best organisms in the world for naturally removing carbon from the atmosphere, sequestering CO2 at five times the rate of tropical rainforests.

Each purchaser of a SnarkyShark will receive a free NFT representing the carbon offset of their purchase, with all of the metadata uploaded on chain. This NFT will be minted on the Polygon chain to ensure no additional emissions, and will be represented via a surprise artist that will not only provide additional value to our community on the secondary market, but also ensure further royalties go back to these incredible impact projects!

Project Ark continues its mission to connect creators with congruent passions and facilitate collaborations that result in decarbonization and climate action.

Join us to celebrate the launch of the SnarkySharkz Society NFT project with a live performance by Canadian singer-songwriter Anjulie on Thursday, August 19th, at 7pm EST!

  1. Featuring $400+ USD in prizes!
  2. Rare POAP available to all attendees.
  3. $15 USD in $DG raffled to players every 5 minutes!

The top 5 high scorers (in FREE PLAY points) for the evening will receive the following prizes:

1st place — $100 USD in $DG

2nd place — $75 USD in $DG

3rd place -$50 USD in $DG

4th place — $20 USD in $DG

5th place — $10 USD in $DG

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