ZestBloom and Project Ark Offer Environmental “Impact NFTs” for Conservation Causes

Project Ark
4 min readSep 6, 2021


ZestBloom has announced a new collaboration with Project Ark, a pioneer in the creation of “Impact NFTs” that fund global conservation efforts in partnership with World Wildlife Fund Panda Labs. Built on the Algorand blockchain, ZestBloom’s marketplace offers the cheapest and most eco-friendly Layer 1 solution for customizable NFTs. Most NFT marketplaces have no systematic options for charity, and worse, run on energy-expensive proof-of-work chains. For ImpactNFTs to live up to their disruptive potential, marketplaces need to build in systems to allow their community to make positive differences.

Working with Project Ark will set ZestBloom’s NFT marketplace apart by demonstrating a commitment to charity and environmental sustainability. Following Algorand’s pledge to be the “greenest blockchain” by maintaining a carbon-negative network, ZestBloom is committed to the environment through their new partnership with Project Ark. The team at ZestBloom has chosen to spotlight Wildlife Conservation in anticipation of World Animal Day on October 4th, 2021.


To celebrate World Animal Day, ZestBloom is launching an art drive to help fundraise for Project Ark and their partners at the World Wildlife Fund. The goal of the drive is to encourage artists to create high quality scenes prominently featuring animals to be minted into NFTs and sold on ZestBloom’s marketplace. All artistic media are allowed as long as the content is animal-focused. Participating artists can donate a customizable percentage of their sale to Project Ark’s conservation fund and ZestBloom will match their donation up to five percent. Project Ark’s network of artists will help lead this effort, but the drive is open to any artist looking for a chance to showcase their talent for a good cause.

Furthermore, ZestBloom will commit to further collaborative efforts with Project Ark by pledging one percent of resale revenue from all artwork sold on the site. These donations will fund NGOs like the World Wildlife Fund’s Panda Labs, to empower projects like bringing the European bison back from extinction. Project Ark also has active campaigns supporting SeaLegacy, Ultramarine and the recovery of toxic underwater munitions, Saving Penguins, Peace Parks Foundation, Global Coralition, and a number of other conservation groups around the globe.

The Project Ark team invites anyone and everyone who is interested in helping forge the new Web3 space for ImpactNFTs to join the Impact NFT Alliance at ImpactNFT.org. This group wants to catalyze a cross-industry alliance that can promote, explore, and discuss ideas where NFTs can be used to drive social impact, referencing the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe that there are synergies between issuing green bonds — “payments for environmental services” — and NFTs as carbon credits.


In the future, ZestBloom plans to offer artists and collectors personalized ways to direct their donations. Users will be able to choose causes close to them from a host of organizations and particular projects by partners like Project Ark on ZestBloom. Giving back to the community is an essential part of ZestBloom’s mission, as commitments to environmental sustainability are severely lacking in the NFT space.

Project Ark, created in partnership between Carbonbase and World Wildlife Fund Panda Labs, is made up of an international team developing solutions to help NFT creators, collectors, and corporates realize the idea of ImpactNFTs, creating win-win partnerships between digital artists, global NGOs and blockchain projects to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As a founding member of the ImpactNFT Alliance, Project Ark is working with several global NGOs to create the standards and mechanisms of ImpactNFTs for the community to adopt and use.

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