Project Ark and Lay’s Romania have brought the world something it can never have too much of: SMILES. Lay’s, a PepsiCo brand, has launched an “ImpactNFT” composed from over 3,000 smiles from Lay’s lovers.

The ImpactNFT is a first-of-its-kind for Lay’s, and PepsiCo, incorporating social marketing with blockchain technology to…

ImpactNFT Alliance, in partnership with Project Ark and Sovereign Art Foundation, and supported by MANTRA DAO, is curating an online and offline ImpactNFT exhibition at Soho House Hong Kong running from October 15–24, 2021. Attendees ranging from NFT newbies to seasoned collectors will have the unique opportunity to experience Hong…

ZestBloom has announced a new collaboration with Project Ark, a pioneer in the creation of “Impact NFTs” that fund global conservation efforts in partnership with World Wildlife Fund Panda Labs. Built on the Algorand blockchain, ZestBloom’s marketplace offers the cheapest and most eco-friendly Layer 1 solution for customizable NFTs. Most…

Project ArkLay’s罗马尼亚为世界带来了永远不嫌多的东西 — — 微笑。 百事公司(PepsiCo)旗下品牌品牌乐事(Lay’s)推出了「ImpactNFT」,由3000多名乐事粉丝的微笑组成。

ImpactNFT是乐事和百事首创,将社交推广与区块链技术相结合,让区块链发烧友、关注可持续发展的消费者和普通群众为社区和环境献一份力的工具。 为了尽可能减少碳足迹,Project Ark将在Polygon网络上打造乐事的非同质化代币( NFT)。 Polygon是一个建立在以太坊上的二层解决方案,将以太坊的安全性作为后盾,支持快速、经济且节能的交易。


「Smiles by Lay’s」NFT是「Share smiles with Lay’s」宣传活动的一部分。 该活动以迷人的微笑为载体,在罗马尼亚传递「我们」简单而强大的力量。 ImpactNFT展示了该活动的关键要素:教育、社会和环境。 收益将全部捐给Let’s Do It, Romania!i’Velo by GreenRevolution,TheAdi Hădean AssociationTeach For Romania,这四个机构旨在通过切实有效的解决方案,解决罗马尼亚一些最主要的教育、生态环境和社会问题。

Carbonbase行政总裁兼Project Ark创办人Max Song表示:「SMILE Impact NFT是跨行业合作的成果,它用极具创造力的方式对社会产生积极影响,不断创造价值。 该NFT的推出将帮助打造一个更美好的世界。」

Lay’s罗马尼亚高级品牌经理Vlad Vlădescu则表示:「Share Smiles with Lay’s是在罗马尼亚开展的一项宣传活动,通过其中的Smiles by Lay’s,所有人和社区走在一起,我们很高兴能将这项活动转变为一种数码艺术。」

SnarkySharkz Mythical Story

SnarkySharkz are 5,000 unique NFTs fin-selected and sent on a mission by the future empire of Sharktopia to save the oceans before it’s too late. After humans left our flood-filled and pollution-ravaged planet behind in 3149 to settle across the solar system, Earth’s air and water slowly detoxified and ocean…

About Project Ark

In the fall of 2020 our team had the honour of hearing a presentation from a member of the WWF about holding one of the last endangered rhino’s in her hands as it passed away. This story resonated deeply with our team and we felt obligated to…

We are excited to announce that Project Ark will expand using Binance Smart Chain, providing new campaigns and prominent features from celebrities, trustworthy conservation projects and new and exciting ways to engage the NFT community.

Binance Chain Special Drop

Using the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, we are creating the genesis drop using the network…

Born out of a collaboration between Carbonbase and World Wildlife Fund Panda Labs, Project Ark is a social impact blockchain project that allows users to purchase rare digital NFTs to support animal and environmental conservation. …

“Woolly Ridge” and “Endangered Spirits”, an Audio and Visual Experience to Support Conservation

Combining the mountains with ancestral animals through art

Artist Topher Sipes, with music from Allauras, created the 3D piece entitled “Wooly Ridge” in support of World Wildlife Fund Panda Labs and WWF Romania. With Project Ark’s technological solution allowing us to properly mint 99.8% …

After months of work, we are happy to announce the beginning of our first Wildlife Campaign Series of NFTs on Project Ark.

Project Ark

The Marketplace Using Digital Collectibles for Environmental Conservation. #NFTs #CONSV

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