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The NFT space has tremendous potential to create an impact. At Project Ark, we aim to realise that impact by raising awareness and funding for animal conservation efforts worldwide. To achieve this, we are bringing together passionate artists, conscious collectors, and deserving projects to create a win-win-win situation. 50% of all proceeds go towards a conservation effort (in this case WWF Romania’s bison rewilding efforts). Project Ark’s ultimate aim is to create an NFT marketplace to facilitate this cause. …

We are excited to announce that Project Ark will expand using Binance Smart Chain, providing new campaigns and prominent features from celebrities, trustworthy conservation projects and new and exciting ways to engage the NFT community.

Binance Chain Special Drop

Using the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, we are creating the genesis drop using the network, which includes memberships for Project Ark. Using 2D NFT Eggs, the digital collectibles will have special features and perks to every owner along with access to future events, collaborations and a direct connection to Projects on the ground. …

Born out of a collaboration between Carbonbase and World Wildlife Fund Panda Labs, Project Ark is a social impact blockchain project that allows users to purchase rare digital NFTs to support animal and environmental conservation. As part of our initial funding campaign, we will use Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) — a secure oracle service that generates and delivers applications a verifiable source of randomness — to randomly select winners of limited edition conservation NFTs.

“Woolly Ridge” and “Endangered Spirits”, an Audio and Visual Experience to Support Conservation

Combining the mountains with ancestral animals through art

Artist Topher Sipes, with music from Allauras, created the 3D piece entitled “Wooly Ridge” in support of World Wildlife Fund Panda Labs and WWF Romania. With Project Ark’s technological solution allowing us to properly mint 99.8% more sustainable NFTs via Polygon on OpenSea, we are proud to announce the first two NFTs released as a part of our Genesis Drop-in support of the World Wildlife Fund Romania.

After months of work, we are happy to announce the beginning of our first Wildlife Campaign Series of NFTs on Project Ark. Over the next few weeks, we will be announcing a series of incredible NFTs designed to support our precious planet, and highlight the beauty of biodiversity in collaboration with the WWF Panda Labs, supporting a community-led conservation project (read more on WWF’s website!)

NFTs that don’t harm the environment: Polygon- Opensea Marketplace Enabled!

The concerns around the environment and climate change have reached a tipping point in recent weeks, and NFTs have been at the centre of attention…

In anticipation of Project Ark’s upcoming GENESIS DROP CAMPAIGN we spotlight the creative talents behind our exclusive NFTs.

Lindsay finds her artistic inspiration in all aspects of life. Through exploration and development in her yoga practice; through seeking to link the worldly and the transcendent, and through her love of travel and culture. Combined, these experiences have enabled her to continuously refine her skills and passion in the world of art, culminating in a truly fantastic NFT made exclusively for our upcoming Genesis Drop Campaign.

Someone wise once said that we’re not human beings having a spiritual experience but rather spiritual beings having a human experience. And that one of the most spiritual things we can do is…

In anticipation of Project Ark’s upcoming GENESIS DROP CAMPAIGN we spotlight the creative talents behind our exclusive NFTs.

When it comes to Kevin Ang, no formal introduction is needed. Boasting an awe-inspiring repertoire of work, his talent speaks for itself and we’re nothing short of ecstatic to have him on board the Ark! Read on and you’ll understand why his custom-made NFT for our Genesis Drop Campaign is truly so special.

Kevin is a lifelong artist who’s worn many hats along the way, leaving a trail of success behind him. …

In anticipation of Project Ark’s upcoming GENESIS DROP CAMPAIGN we spotlight the creative talents behind our exclusive NFTs.

Harto, also known as Arturo Fernandez Rodriguez, is the creative mastermind behind the centrepieces for our Genesis Drop Campaign: the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Eggs.

Wondering why we chose Eggs as the NFTs for our upcoming Genesis Drop Campaign? We’re glad you wonder because the reasons are clear. Here’s the story behind their creation as well as a deeper look into the world of their creator: Arturo Fernandez Rodriguez aka. Harto.

There’s a powerful connection between Harto’s work and Project Ark’s decision to create ornate 3D eggs in four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Both are fuelled with…

In anticipation of Project Ark’s upcoming GENESIS DROP CAMPAIGN we spotlight the creative talents behind our exclusive NFTs.

Explore Hazel’s dreamlike universe for an immersive experience that gives endless support to our natural world.

Seasoned from an early age to master the techniques of oil painting, watercolor and encaustic wax, Hazel has built up a name in the digital art space for several years now. This nature lover creates beautiful and immersive digital pieces that include virtual and augmented reality experiences where she expresses the full potential of her creativity.

Across the variety of mediums that she masters, there is a common red thread to Hazel’s artistic adventures: she always puts creativity at the service of conservation and nature. …

In anticipation of Project Ark’s upcoming GENESIS DROP CAMPAIGN we spotlight the creative talents behind our exclusive NFTs.

Meet ‘artivist’ Taylor Frost. A 19-year-old artist driven with purpose — blending her talent for artwork with her passion for wildlife conservation.

Her conviction is clear: Earth and animal activist Taylor Frost is on a quest to immortalize nature’s beauty in a painted form while saving it for future generations to enjoy.

Creating both traditional painting and digital artwork, she produces pieces that evoke emotional impact by using colors and bold strokes to share her emotional investment with the viewer and, hopefully, inspire in them a piece of her fire for wildlife conservation. …

Project Ark

The Marketplace Using Digital Collectibles for Environmental Conservation. #NFTs #CONSV

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